Guest Information:

Tip: Please list any that apply: foods, animals, latex, makeup, plants or pollen, etc.

Tip: (food cut-up, or pureed, gluten free, etc.)

Tip: Please note that Crossbridge, their staff and volunteers are not responsible for administering medication to guests during the Night to Shine event. If medication is required during the event, a parent or caretaker MUST be available to administer the medication.

Parent/Caretaker Information

Tip: Please provide for sharing of information and parent respite.

Tip: The Respite Room is a private area where parents/caretakers of guests can spend the evening enjoying food, entertainment and rest while remaining onsite during the event.

Guest - Buddy Pairing:

A buddy will be provided by our Night to Shine staff for you.

It is our goal at Night to Shine to provide a full night of fun and respite for all guests and their families.  Our staff is prepared to match your needs with a registered volunteer buddy.

If you request a specific person to be your buddy, that individual MUST complete the volunteer registration form on this event page, coming mid-November.  If they do not complete the volunteer registration, they will not be permitted to enter the event.

Care Provider Agency Information - If Applicable

Tip: If attending as a part of a group, please include agency or company name)

Tip: Note: Chaperone is not required to stay with guest(s) unless required by Care Provider Agency